Kettle Corn Gold


ATTENTION: If You have a kettle corn business or you are about to start one this may be the most valuable page you will ever read. Make Your Business Pop - literally! Find out why hundred of vendors are buying this book.




Two years ago on our first day in Victor Steinbrueck Park we sold 438 bags in less than 7 hours. We were barely keeping up with the line of customers. That is when I first realized that how simple and cost effective business was kettle corn. Only a week ago we purchased the used kettle, sifting table, paddle, and handmade sign for less than $1800. We recovered our entire investment by that evening.


Kris - Seattle




Imagine investing $1899 in kettle corn poppers and making more in one summer than a whole year sale put together? Which other business pays so good? With a kettle corn business, you can truly be on the gravy train. We will show you how --- through a step-by-step plan.





The Black Book of Kettle Corn Business by Quantum Media is a practical business guide that covers everything from how to pop delicious kettle corn, draw up a business plan, what licenses and permits to apply for, where to shop for supplies, look for finance, where to register your business, how to maintain your books and accounts, what equipment to buy, what food safety norms to follow, how to market your fledging business and more…


Testimonial: “I had nothing to fall back on, when I got laid out from the warehouse. But instead of mourning the loss, hitting the bottle or feeling sorry for myself as some of my ex-mates were doing, I decided to take charge of my life and have set-up a flourishing kettle corn business with Quantum Media’s The Kettle Corn book,” Dan - Vancouver, WA



Any consultant would tell you that businesses that generate high returns on initial investment (RoI) are the ones that start with very low investment! Those are the businesses that massive returns on every dollar! They sell, merely on the strength of a popular idea. Kettle corn business is one such idea.

Some of the topics covered by the black book!


How to Sign Up the Mega Money Making Events?

Obtaining Necessary License and Permit

How to cook and serve popular recipes of kettle corn at festivals

Equipment to start a kettle corn business

Tribal knowledge

Lot of pictures of kettle corn equipment, food, booths, signage etc
Getting out - The exit strategy





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ISBN 9 781613 645772



The Black Book of Kettle Corn Business by Quantum Media will hand-hold you thorough the process, every step of the way. It will answer all your information needs. Armed with this guide, you can be in business and how! From mouth-watering recopies, to sample inventory forms, summary charts, business plan templates, net profit projection sheets, loan guarantee programs, web links and online resources --- The book will take the guesswork out of the Kettle Corn business.



Testimonial: “On Craigslist I came across this ad for a second-hand 80qt kettle with a sifting table for just $1,000. And with nothing more but a copy of Quantum Media’s The Kettle Corn book "The black book of kettle corn business"… we have been popping in car shows and fund raising events. We are selling 500 – 800 bags per event at whooping $4 - $7 per bag.   Malika - Sacramento, CA

Just think about it.


An all-cash business. People bargain hunt all sort of things but never when it comes to food retail. If they want something badly enough, they will walk an extra mile to their favorite joint and won’t mind paying an extra dollar for a sumptuous snack! The kettle corn business can be started on a shoe string budget. I'll show you how to get started in the kettle corn business for less than $2,000.


To cap it all --- kettle corn is not your typical junk food. Its healthy snack, packed with nutrition!

Therefore, if you want to be in the business of good profits--- buy your copy of The Kettle Corn Cash and get rolling in cash --- NOW!



"You Don't Have To Quit Your Current Job"



A lot of kettle corn vendors only work weekends, some only work events, start part time and keep their own jobs. It's really up to you. There aren’t very many businesses that you can set your own hours.


"This Business Is So Easy An Dummy Could Do It"


The kettle corn business is easy work. It's not rocket science and anybody can learn to do it in just a matter of a few hours


"Everybody LOVES a bag of kettle corn"


Everybody loves delicious kettle corn. I’ll show you more than a dozen ways to make extra money from your kettle corn business that you would never think of.


What makes our book better than others?


There is material sold on the internet by buys who had obviously never, ever owned a kettle corn business in their lives. They are just information traders who are suing internet to fools others. Then there are those who had been in the business but don’t know much about the art of presenting information and teaching. Beware of those basic guides with information you can collect on the internet by yourself. Then the worst… are those who are selling information about how to start business, taxes and business plan. You can download that information from SBA site for free. The The Black Book of Kettle Corn Business is real book, written by real author with real experience. It is your ticket to launching a successful business.



Bonus: Did you know that lemonade could be top selling drink with 300% profit margin. 98% vendors do not know how to make/present lemonade that draws a line. The book offers the secret of lemonade (a must add on to your kettle corn business). On a hot day the lemonade could make you $1,000 - $1,500. It is FREE money. The book offers you the best commercial recipe of lemonade.